About the Canine Reference

Vivian, John, and Tanya Nash, along with Joey Villani, always seeking and creating innovation in the pet care professions, saw the need for a single, unified source of knowledge about dog breeds which could be instantly accessed by dog lovers and pet care professionals alike. Their decades of experience with Man's Best Friend gave them unique insight into the AKC breeds of dog which they sought to share with all. This is the seed from which the Canine Reference grew.

So they began the arduous task of compiling information about all of the purebred breeds of dogs. The AKC standards of appearance and breed flaws were just the beginning. How do the various breeds of dogs think? What characterizes their behavior? Their temperament? How trainable are they? What is their history? How can dog lovers searching for dog breeds for the perfect pet decide which breed is right for them? How can pet care professionals come to a better understanding of handling dogs in the salon, kennel or show? How has man's selective breeding of the dog breeds affected each specific breed, turning it into the dog that exists today? Clearly, this represented a mammoth task, but the Nashes were certain that such a resource could revolutionize understanding of the dog and appreciation of the dog.

This massive database did not come together in a day, nor was it assembled by the Nashes solely, and they wish to acknowledge the wonderful team that worked on the Canine Reference. Hollie Matney is the gifted illustrator of the Canine Reference, and, working with Vivian Nash with her specialized knowledge of breeds, created all of the beautiful drawings you will find here. Roberta Smoodin, a writer and online instructor for the Nash Academy, put her skills to work to make the Canine Reference as clear and correct a document as possible.

Today, the Nash Canine Reference is available to you, so that the mastery of dog information at the Nashes' fingertips can be yours in any quest for knowledge about the dog that you might have. If you are reading this, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Nash reputation for excellence in dog grooming, as well as their belief in compassionate and safe treatment of Man's Best Friend, but we believe the dog profiles contained in the Nash Canine Reference will surprise and thrill you. Whether you are choosing a new pet, seeking to learn about the dog you own, or about to groom a breed of dog that is new to you, the wisdom you need is contained in the Canine Reference.

And if you are simply a dog lover, and want to know much more about dog types and all breeds of dog, you have come to the right, and only, place to do so. We welcome you, with sincere excitement about the innovative and complete nature of this new and all-inclusive dog breed resource. We hope you will enjoy the Canine Reference as much as we have enjoyed compiling this information about Man's Best Friend. And we want you to realize that, even as you are about to commence your first journey into the Canine Reference, that the Canine Reference is an ever-growing work-in-progress. The Nash team will continue adding to the Canine Reference in its quest to compile the most complete database of dog breed information in existence. So we invite you to return--again and again--to the Canine Reference, to peruse what interests you, and to discover what we have added.